Welcome to
Whitstable House

Welcome to Whitstable House

Whitstable House is a brand new, nurse-led care home, situated in a picturesque location, with views overlooking the estuary.

With facilities of the highest standard, our home is the ideal environment for residents with various levels of complex care needs, be these palliative or respite.

Our experienced nurses and carers encourage the full potential in each individual at Whitstable House, by nurturing a community founded on respect, privacy, dignity, kindness, compassion and the opportunity to interact with other residents as well as staff.

We facilitate families to benefit from Local Authority or NHS funding where private funding may not be an option, making Whitstable House accessible to the whole community.

We have adopted Relationship-Centred Care as our principle approach. This emphasises each individual’s life story, the relationships they have made along the way, their primary relationships in the present, as well as nurturing new, meaningful relationships with staff and other residents.